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Electrical Wiring

Training                      : Electrical Wiring

Narrator                       : Kangatharan Keatheswaran

Story collector            : Jeyaraman  Jayaranjith

Date                            : 2009-6-24

My name is Kangatharan Keatheswaran and I live in Vinayagapuram, Thirukovil. I born on 29th of july 1988 and now I am 20 years old. My family is small with my dad, my mum, my brother and myself. My dad is the bread winner and it is always hard to survive our family with his low income.

I studied until G.C.E (O/L) and dropped out the education. I was an unemployed. I spent the time in vain. 

In 2004, we were affected due to tsunami disaster. Our house was near to seashore. We lost our house and the properties. We were displaced to a village called Mandanai, where located 2 km away from our village. We suffer a lot in the displaced place. We were in financial disaster and we hit by natural disaster too.

My dad is a day basis labour. We all survived in his income, which could not meet our needs. My dad became old and he could not work hard and we started lose his income. Due to this, we suffer a lot. My brother also could not complete education, and he dropped out the education after G.C.E (O/L). Therefore, our family burden was increasing.

I heard from a village development officer of SWOAD that there would be a course is going to be held by SWOAD on electrical wiring. Then, I visited SWOAD Thirukovil office and received further information and then applied.

I was questioning myself that when they would call me, will I get the place, etc. when was expecting, I received the call for interview. I was happy as I was expecting to follow the course successfully and to get a job. The expectation for the interviewers and the selection criteria was fit with me. Therefore, they selected me. I mush thank God and SWOAD, and also to ODW for fund support.

I had confident when I joined with the course. I would able to meet good friends. Therefore, my life became happy. I had various trainings thought this course. There were career guidance, first aid, SYB and life skill. Those training created confidence in me.

The course was 6 month period and 3 month OJT. After I finished the 6 month course, I went for OJT in Thirykovil. I learnt more about electrical wiring practically under a professional technician. Then, I sat for the examination after the OJT. Then, I received certificate and tools and equipments worth of Rs. 15,000.00.

I started own job with the skills what I received and also the tools & equipments. In the beginning, there was less work & orders from customers and I received small amount of money. Later, my work became known in my area and customer started to trust my work. I earn 6,000.00 to 10,000.00 per month. It is not the stable income. Anyhow, I can look after the needs of my family.

When I get more orders from customers, I invite my friends, who were the trainees of the course and they invited me when they get more orders from customers.

I use money in two different ways. One way is to spend for my family need and other way is to saving though my mum, who is a member of SWOAD.

I feel that we are improving our economical condition. I was worthless in the community, but now they treat me a good person. I should thank SWOAD and ODW for helped me and I would like to request them that let other youth get the help, which I got from you.

I have an aim that I have to develop my job bigger and give more jobs opportunities to others.


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