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Cleaning and Chlorination of Wells in Thirukovil and Pottuvil Areas.

In response to the flooding in Thirukovil and Pothuvil areas, efforts were made to restore and ensure the safety of wells. Here are the key details:

  1. Cleaning of Wells:
    • A total of 496 wells that were affected by the flood were cleaned. This process likely involved the removal of debris, mud, and contaminants to restore the wells to a usable condition.
  2. Chlorination of Wells:
    • Additionally, 3,052 wells were subjected to chlorination. Chlorination is a common method for disinfecting water sources, helping to eliminate bacteria and ensure the safety of the water supply.

These actions were likely part of a broader initiative to address the impact of the flood on water sources and ensure that the local communities had access to clean and safe water. The cleaning and chlorination of wells are essential measures in post-disaster recovery to prevent waterborne diseases and provide a secure water supply for the affected population.


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