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Boosting Livelihoods after Tsunami and War Impact

In a concerted effort to uplift the living standards of those affected by both the tsunami and war in 2006, SWOAD collaborated with Goal to implement a transformative business development initiative. This initiative aimed to provide sustainable support to the poverty-stricken population in the Karaitivu and Sammanthurai areas.

Key Highlights:

Targeted Assistance: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals affected by both natural disasters and conflict, the initiative strategically targeted Karaitivu and Sammanthurai to address the specific needs of these communities.

Business Equipment Distribution: A total of 345 people were identified as beneficiaries and were provided with essential business equipment. This support was designed to catalyze entrepreneurship and promote economic self-sufficiency among the recipients.

Financial Assistance from Goal: The initiative received crucial financial support from Goal, a collaborative effort that strengthened the impact and reach of the program. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing complex social challenges.

Holistic Development: Beyond the immediate provision of business equipment, the initiative aimed at fostering holistic development by empowering individuals to establish and grow their businesses. This comprehensive approach aimed to create sustainable improvements in the overall living standards of the targeted population.

By combining resources and expertise, SWOAD and Goal endeavored to make a lasting impact on the lives of those grappling with the aftermath of both natural and man-made disasters. Through the provision of business equipment, this initiative sought to plant the seeds of empowerment, resilience, and economic independence within the communities of Karaitivu and Sammanthurai.


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