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Providing 72 Underprivileged Students with Scholarships

It appears that as part of the Child Rights Program, 72 underprivileged students at Vinayakar School in Savalkadai village were provided with shoes. This support was made possible through the financial assistance of Fit/CIDA. This initiative likely aimed to address the basic needs of underprivileged students, ensuring that they have…
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Empowering Futures: International Children’s Day Celebration by Suwat Organization with Fit/CIDA Support

International Children’s Day Celebration by SWOAD Organization with Fit/CIDA Support at Alayadivembu Cultural Hall (08.10.2006) In this impactful event, Suwat Organization orchestrated a vibrant celebration of International Children’s Day at the Alayadivembu Cultural Hall, made possible through the generous financial assistance of Fit/CIDA. Attended by a total of 480 children…
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